VIBRANT INDIA brought to you a wide range of Houseware, Kitchenware, Hotelware and many more categories products with traditional artistic finish in perfect blend of modern designs & durability.

Exhibitor Hotelware

Chafing Dishes

Buffet Display



Bar Set

Salt & Paper



Wine Racks

• Cocktail Shakers

Cork Screws

Catering Tub

Coaster Set

Napkin Holder

 Toothpik Holders

 Straw Holder

 Salt & Pepper

 Bread Basket

 Snack Trays

 Bottle Opener

 ice Bucket

 Snacks Servers


 Cocktail Shaker

 Bar Accessories

 Baking Tools

 Baking Pans

 Wine Holder





 Electric Element


 Bake & Serve Sets

 Bakers Mixing Bowls

 Baking Trays

 Baking Bowls

 Bread Cookies & Cake Pans

 Baker Ware Sets

 Baking Tools & Accessories

 & Many More.

Exhibitor Stainless Steel Utensils

 Kitchen Utensils

 Dinning Items

 Dinner Sets



 Oil Dispenser




 Tea Sets

 Bhojan Thal

 Ash Tray


 Deep Dabba

 Masala Dabba

 Trays & Platters



 Milk Can






 Water Pitchers

 Serving Bowls






 Tea Urn

 Tiffin Carries

 Lunch Boxes

 Rasan Dabba

 Ice Cream Bowls

 Water Filters



 Dessert Set



 Coffee Pot

 Pickel Set



 S.S. Wire Cylinders

 Kitchen Baskrts


 Dolly Dish

 Rice Kunda



 Kitchen Stand

 Service Tray

 Sweet Tray

 Pooja Peti

 Locker Box


 & Many More.

Exhibitor Tableware

 Bone Chine Dinner Set

 Melamine Dinner Set

 Porcelain Dinner Set

 Ceramic Dinner Set

 Clay Dinner Set



 Serving Trays

 Tea & Coffee Sets

 Cup & Saucer Set

 Mugs And Serving Spoons

 Tools & Many More

 Dinner Set

 Drinking Glass

 Fancy Bowls

 Wine Glass

 Tea Cup

 Glass Jar

 Glass Ashtray

 Refreshing Drink Glass

 Water Glass

 Drinking Mugs

 Glass Kettles

 Water Mugs






 Fancy Glasses

 Multi-Purpose Glasses

 & Many More.

Exhibitor Kitchen Appliances

 Gos Stove

 Cook Tops


 Electric Pressure Cooker

 Induction Cooker

 Mixer Grinders


 Hand Mixer


 Hand Juicers

 Electric Juicers

 Roti Maker


 Food Processor

 Electric Kettle

 Rice Cooker


 Sandwich Maker

 Grill Toaster

 Coffee Maker



 Coffee Maker

 Food Warmer

 Hand Blenders

 Ice-Cream Maker

 Rice Maker

 Tea Maker

 Soda Maker

 & Many More.

Exhibitor Home Appliances

 Atta Maker

 Modular Kitchen


 Range Hoods

 Induction Cook Tops

 Microwave Ovens


 Kitchen Sinks

 Deep Fryer


 Air Fryer

 Garment Streamer

 Hair Dryer

 Water Purifier

 Water Filters

 Tan doors

 Dish Washers

 Waste Disposers

 Air Purifiers

 Water Purifiers

 Air Conditioners

 Washing Machine


 Audio & Video


 Home Theaters

 Audio Systems

 DVD Players








 Insect Killer


 Fitness Equipments

 Other Small Appliances

 & Many More.

Exhibitor Plastic Homeware



 Vacuum Flask

 Travelling Sets

 Thermo Steel Bottles

 Insulated Water Bottles

 Water Bottles

 Snack Boxes



 Thermo Steel Beverage


 Travel Water Jug

 Tiffin Carrier Sets

 Microwave Bowl

 Lunch Boxes

 Coffee Pot


 Insulated Tiffin Containers

 Lunch Boxes

 Lid Bowls

 Ice Pails

 Ice Packs & Many More

 Dinner Set




 Serving Trays

 Water Bottles

 Water Jugs

 Ice Packs

 Water Filters


 Food Carriers

 Lunch boxes


 Kids Bottles

 Lunch Boxes

 School Accessories

 Chopping Boards

 Plastic Kitchenware Products

 Fridge Accessories

 Ice Trays

 Cold Storage Bins

 & Many More.

Exhibitor Kitchenware

 Sev Sancha

 Khal Batta

 Kitchen Press


 Puri Press

 Vegetable Cutter

 Gas Lighter

 Chopping Board

 Pizza Cutter

 Apple Cutter






 Cutting Boards

 Spice Grinder



 Nicer Dicer


 Coconut Scraper

 Cut & Wash


 Hand Churne


 Fruit Basket

 Khal Batta


 Chopping & Cutting

 Instruments Multipurpose


 & Many More.

Exhibitor Cutlery

 Stainless Steel Spoons



 Kitchen Tools

 Kitchen gadgets

 Tongs & Ladles

 Cutlery Holder



 Salad Servers

 Serving Tools



 Kitchen Tool Holders

 Measuring Tools


 Bottle Openers

 Nut Crackers

 Lemon Squeezer




 Tin Cutters

 Serving Spoons


 Cooking Spoons





 Zara & Many More.

Exhibitor Cookware

 Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers

 Aluminium Pressure cookers

 Non-Stick Pressure-Cookers

 Pressure Cookers Hard-Anodized

 Pressure Cookers Color-Coated


 Milk Boiler

 Fry Pans

 Sauce Pans

 Dosa Tawa

 Deep Kadhai

 Appam Patra


 Multi Kadai


 Grill Pan


 Idly Makers




 Stainless Steel Cookware’s

 Sets Aluminium Cookware’s

 Sets Cookware’s Sets Color-Coated

 Cookware’s Sets Non-Stick

 Cookware’s Sets Hard-Anodized

 Induction Base Cookware’s Sets

 Sauteing Pans

 & Many More.

Exhibitor Household Items

 Household Storage

 Household Cleaning

 Bathroom Accessories

 Multipuprpose Kitchen Racks

 Tool Baskets





 Tooth Brush Holders

 Soap Dispensers



 Shoe Racks

 Multipurpose Trolley

 Water Storages

 Travel Accessories

 Iron Pod

 Household Ladder

 Wall Hangers

 Plastic Furniture



 Grain Storage


 Storage Bowls

 Kitchen Storage


 Water Storage

 Multi Utility Drums

 Massage Chairs

 Steam Iron

 & Many More.

Exhibitor Gift&Decor

 Pooja Thali Set

 Pudding sets

 Flower vase

 Bud Vase

 Visiting card holder

 Table Clock

 Candle Holder

 Table Accessories

 Crystal Photo frame


 Scarves And Stoles

 Gifting Accessories



 Gift Bags

 Gift Boxes And Packaging

 Candle Stand

 Festive Decorations

 Decorative Accessories

 Small Furniture

 Wall Decorations



 Table Decorations

 Decorative Lights

 Bamboo Products

 & Many More.

Exhibitor School Accessories

 School Bags



 Colored Pencils

 Colored Pens





 Stapler and Staples






 Postage Stamps


 Rubber Stamps

 White Board / Dry Erase

 Drawing Pins

 Folder Dividers


 Laminator & Spare

 Utility Knife

 Manila Folders

 Arch Folders


 Ruled Paper

 Binder Books

 Plain Paper

 Desk lamp


 Drawer sets

 Tape Dispenser

 & Many More.

Exhibitor Modular Kitchen

 Lift-Up Drawers


 Storage Units

 Stainless Steel Cutlery Trays


 Corner Solutions

 Furniture Locks

 Aluminium Frames &

 Handle Profiles

 Cabinet Control Hinges

 Bottle Pull-Out


 Roller Shutter Systems

Exhibitor Machineries

 Deep Press Machine

 Circle Cutting Machine

 Polishing Machines

 Welding Machines

 Sheet Cutting Machines

 Laser Engraving Machine

 Metal Etching Machine

 Laser Cutting Machine

 Laser Marking Machine

 Pad Printing Machine

 Heating & Annealing

 Machine& Many More

Exhibitor Raw Material

 Stainless Steel Sheets






 Round Pipes

 Square pipes




 Polishing components

 Non Woven Wheels

 Polishing Bars

 Buffing Materials

 Buffing Wheels

 Fiber Brush


 Emery Powder


 Grinding Disc

 Liquid Polishing – Compound






 Rodes & wire

 & Many More

Exhibitor Services

 Store Designing

 Visual Merchandising

 Display Aids And Retail


 Retail Management software

 Design Software

 Digital Printing Equipment

 IT Hardware

 Software And


 Social Media Solutions



 Logistic Services

 Trade Publications


 Trend Information